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Screenplay by: Nakashima Kazuki
Directed by: Miike Takashi

"Dororo Changer!" (Not really.)

So, the big draw to this film, for me, was the guy playing God Lee - you can see him in the poster, to the right, with all the gold stuff? Do you know who played him? NinjaBlack from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger!

If only he'd brought his Super Sentai powers with him...

... maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep.

Look, I'd had a long day, and I was seeing this back-to-back with Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Graduation. I was very tired. I warned my friend I'd probably fall asleep, and I did.

That said, the film was pretty awesome. I think Toei could have done a better job - there's a lot of insect-based henshinning going on, and Toei basically invented that - but the CGI was great, the acting was totally appropriate to the plot and tone of the film (bad, but it would have been weird if the acting was good) and the story was fun as heck.

I now really want to watch the anime and read the manga.

The film's one real drawback was that Jim - the English-speaking kickboxer played by one of my favourite Japanese actors - wore too many clothes for the whole film.

I was quite annoyed with the people sitting around me frequently swearing and calling the film "shit". It was an amazing example of the type of film it was - what their issue really was was with the type of film. If that's the case, you shouldn't see it. There's a difference between something being "bad" and you not liking something (although they will often overlap for most people).

I found myself hoping that Tackle or Bee/Wasp Lady from Kamen Rider Stronger would turn up and say "Let's show these bitches how it's done.", but sadly, that didn't happen. It would have made this the best movie ever, though.

It's definitely one to watch more than once, just for the fun value. And in the meantime I can go watch Tomorrow's Joe to see Jim's actor boxing half-naked. :)



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