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Assassination Classroom: Graduation (2016) film posterScreenplay by: Kanazawa Tatsuya
Directed by: Hasumi Eiichiro

I was wary of seeing this, worried that because I hadn't seen the anime, the other film or read the manga, I'd feel completely lost. In the end, I only saw it because the former love of my life, Kazunari Ninomiya, was in it.

I thought it was great, and my concerns about not being able to follow it were unfounded.

The film does a great job of very simply and clearly explaining what has come before - and it does it in a very natural way. There are actual, sensible reasons for characters to describe what viewers who are new to the franchise may have missed.

Kazunari Ninomiya - as both the voice of Koro-sensei and as Koro-sensei's "human form" - does an excellent job; and, surprisingly, so does Suda Masaki. My only previous exposure to Masaki was as Phillip/Raito/Light in Kamen Rider W, and while he did very well there, I didn't expect him to be a good actor in general. His role here is completely different, and he does it really well.

Yamada Ryosuke was brilliant. I promptly Googled him to find out what else he was in, and Cain to Abel, a 2016 j-drama, easily made the list. He'll be amazing there, too.

One of my favourite things about the film was how some utterly absurd stuff is just taken in stride by the kids. There's a computer-schoolgirl named STAR who can just conjure gatling guns and blow places up, and they barely even notice. There's a sexy assassin (named "Miss Bitch") walking around, and they barely bat an eyelid when she strolls past in sexy clothes, wielding a huge gun. (My favourite bit of the film is her casually strolling through a chaotic battlefield with a rocket launcher.)

In the midst of the absurdity is a pretty good message about embracing different views and coming together for common goals. (And also just how being friends benefits everyone.)

I'm going to watch the first film, but I'm not sure I'm sold on the anime or manga just yet.



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